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CCTV Condition Reporting

Knowing what condition your pipe work is in before making a decision on what to do next is a critical step in the process.

We can offer detailed condition reports with still shots of the pipeline condition and video footage.

Condition reports can give the customer information to enable them to make informed decisions.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our high-pressure water jetting service is able to root cut and clean sewer and storm water lines on all domestic sewer lines and reticulation lines in utility main lines.

Pipe Relining

We are able to reline 40mm up to 1000mm diameter pipe of any material including bends and traps in a continuous length without joints or seams providing a structural liner that is not reliant on the host pipes structural integrity.

Reline All Materials

No matter what material the original pipe we are able to line the conduit, be it sewer or storm water.

Reline Junctions and P Traps

We can provide a lateral connection liner that provides a complete solution to main line lining, this combined with out P trap lining with a liner that does not crease or fold provides the complete back to boundary solution.

Patch Repairs

If a single joint is compromised in a line we are able to patch the section of pipe or joint to provide a structural repair to the section of pipe so root or infiltration ingress is halted.  This also restores structural integrity back to the line where the line may have had some form of fracture.


This trenchless system saves gardens, pathways, driveways, slabs, retaining walls and fences

Trees in their search for water can create havoc for both sewer and storm water lines.

Tree roots can create untold damage, and are the main cause of blockages in all pipeline materials.

broken_pipeClearing blocked sewer lines is only treating the symptom, to permanently resolve the problem the pipe line must be rehabilitated.

Relining sewer or storm water pipes provides a permanent solution to continually blocking pipes, the resin impregnated liner cures to a hardness and strength that exceeds the host pipe.

Our relining service can reline all materials, through bends and P traps .

This trenchless system saves gardens, pathways, driveways, slabs, retaining walls and fences.

Traditional pipe renewal causes mess and extensive restoration and can be very expensive.

Relining offers competitive prices without any restoration.